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Glucomannan - the Dietary Fiber That Lets You Cheat

Glucomanan is a native Indonesian root that grows wild through out South East Asia and is cultivated for use as a food product in Japan. It is otherwise known as konnyaku, konjac root, amorphophallus konjac or 'Devils Tongue' (though there is nothing devilish about it).

Konnyaku jelly and Glucomannan Fiber has been used for over 1500 years in Japan and was thought of as a medicianal plant.

Glucomannan - The Primary Ingredient in Core4 'Cheat'

Glucomannan Fiber is 100% natural, rich in minerals which aids in vitamin absorbtion, is non fat and low in calories. For the purpose of weight loss high fiber supplements are very effective because Glucomannan fiber is very hard for the human body to digest. Dietary Fiber is important for bowel health as the fiber "scrubs" the intestines as it moves through, taking with it various toxins and leaving the bowel free to absorb the necessary nutrients from the foods we eat.

The recommended amount of dietary fiber an adult should eat daily is between 25-30 grams (about 1 oz) but most adults get in approximately 14 grams daily. Research studies have discovered a positive correlation between the use of Glucomanan and decreased cholesterol levels, normalized blood sugar levels lower high blood pressure and lesser incidence of bowel cancer. Many of these properties make glucomannan fiber a target for researchers looking to address the world wide obesity epidemic.

In a 1984 study, researchers found that when obese adults were given 1 gram of konjac glucomanan daily before meals for 8 weeks, they lost an average of 5 ½ lbs of body weight as compared to those in the placebo group that gained an average of 1 ½ lbs over the same 8 week period.

Glucomannan Weight Loss

The traditional problem with glucomannan weight loss has been in its delivery system, as the fiber quickly attracts water and begins to expand up to 200x its size. Glucomannan capsules and pills are readily available but do not lend to easy use of the fiber. Product formulators at Cal Nutrisciences began to develop and have perfected a method that delivers Glucomannan fiber easily with your food, and without changing the taste or texture of the food being eaten.

This proprietary process consists of crystallizing the konjac glucomanan within a protective coating that reacts in the digestive tract, breaking the coating down and allowing the glucomannan to begin to expand and trap surround food particles as it expands into a fibrous gel.

During formulation to determine how well the product worked, researchers performed double blind, placebo controlled, independent studies over a 30 day period. At the end of thirty days, researches noted that in addition to Cheat creating a sensation of fullness that led to less food being eaten, that the study participants using the actual product lost an average of 8 pounds at the end of 30 days versus those who were using the placebo product. No changes in diet or exercise were performed.

To lose 8 lbs in 30 days, on a traditional eating plan, participants would have to decrease their caloric intake by 25%. The results of this study exceeded earlier research on glucomannan fiber without use of the proprietary delivery system. In addition to weight loss, Cheat does not have the side effects common with "fat blockers".

By adding natural glucomannan fiber to your diet using the Cheat product, you can help maintain your weight and your health without side effects.