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Xyngular Compensation Plan

What makes Xyngular™ so unique is its revolutionary Singular Compensation Plan that rewards people for their effort but also allows them to participate in the success of the entire company. It combines the benefits of a "driven leg" in Binary Plans with the long term benefits and fair compensation of a Unilevel Compensation Plan. Xyngular™ has taken the benefits of both types of compensation packages and power packed them into one.  Xingular stands out, compared to other Nutrition Supplement MLM compensation packages

Leaders will enjoy the fact that the company offers 12 different leadership pools each paying out 1% of the company's monthly volume - depending on their levels of qualification. Based upon their monthly team sales volumes, leaders will be rewarded bonuses each month for reaching 12 different sales targets. As leaders build out each of their teams - their volumes will begin to compound. The larger the monthly volumes get, the more profit pools each of the leaders will be qualified to participate in.

There are no other structural qualification requirements for leaders to advance in the Xyngular™ marketing program - other than the combined team volume and the Straight line sales volume. This is extremely unique in the Direct sales, network marketing and MLM industries. Most marketing plans have structural requirements that prevent the sales representatives from getting paid on all of their sales volume. This is not the case with Xyngular™.

Xyngular Retail SalesLike most other network marketing companies, Xyngular™Distributors have a number of ways to profit from marketing the company's products including:

  1. Xyngular™ Retail Profits
  2. Eight Levels of Xyngular™ Residual Income
  3. Four Levels of Xyngular™ Rapid Rewards on Initial Case Lot Sales ofXyngular™
  4. Xyngular™ Quick Start Bonuses
  5. 12% of Xyngular™ Monthly Sales Volume to Xyngular™ Corporate Sales Pools

Here is how it all works:

1. Retail Profits

The first way to earn is straightforward. You can receive retail profits when you purchase the product wholesale and sell it retail. This is done simply and easily through your own Xyngular website without ever touching the product. You never have to stockpile or deliver any product.

2. Residual Earnings (Unilevel Commissions)

The second form of compensation is a long term residual income. At Xyngular we have an 8 level unilevel compensation plan which provides a very powerful residual income, one of the most generous unilevel plans in the industry. You are paid on every bottle of product purchased anywhere in your eight levels, and you are paid month after month for a long-term residual income.  (Dynamic Compression – if an XD does not purchase any product within a 2 month period, that level will compress. The Distributor will also be moved to the bottom of the Xyngular line. After 3 months of no personal volume the distributorship will be removed from the distributor organization.)

Xyngular Residual Earnings (unilevel commissions)


3. Rapid Rewards

3 Xyngular Rapid Rewards

The third way to earn income at Xyngular is through the Rapid Rewards Program. Xyngular has taken the first four levels of the unilevel plan and almost doubled them on all first time purchases. Every time you enroll a new Distributor you receive a Rapid Rewards Bonus on their first calendar month’s orders, you can also earn Rapid Rewards on up to three additional levels below your personally sponsored Distributor for a total of up to 4 levels of Rapid Rewards.


Customers and Distributors with 30 PV and an active Autoship of 30 PV will receive 1/2 of the first level Rapid Rewards. The other 1/2 will be paid to the first fully qualified upline Distributor. To continue to fully qualify for Rapid Rewards the XD must maintain at least an Autoship of 120 PV.
To qualify for the Rapid Rewards Program the XD will need to purchase the appropriate PV as listed above in a calendar month.
A $2.00 check charge will be assessed on all commission and bonus checks with a minimum check amount of $20.00.
Retail Profits, Rapid Rewards and Residual Earnings are paid daily.
'Active' means an XD has a valid auto ship in place and has purchased at least 120 PV in the previous month or the current month.


4. Quick Start Bonus

The fourth way to earn is through Xyngular’s generous Quick Start Bonus. With the Quick Start you can earn an additional $100 for simply enrolling in Xyngular, ordering 120 PV or more of our amazing products and getting 4 others to do the same within your first 30 days in the business.

4 Xyngular Quick Start Bonus


5. Corporate Sales Pools

The fifth way to earn income in the Xyngular compensation plan is through the corporate sales pools. As a Distributor you get to share in the product sales of the entire company. As the company grows, you have the opportunity to participate in that growth.

Xyngular Corporate Sales Pools


XV (Xyngular Volume) is ALL of the volume of every XD (Xyngular Distributor or Premier Customer) who joined after you in Xyngular. 

The 1% sales pool is 1% of the TOTAL Corporate Volume for the month. For example, if the total corporate volume is $20,000,000 for the month then 12% of $20,000,000 or $2,400,000 is paid out in the 12 sales pools. You share in as many of those 12 sales pools as you have qualified for. You must have at least 120 PV in the month to qualify for these pools. 

The Manager, Silver Manager, Gold Manager & Platinum Manager pools are divided equally among all XDs who qualify for each of those pools.

The four Director sales pools are divided on a pro-rata basis with the maximum GV counted for each pool as follows:

  • Maximum GV for Director Sales Pool= 29,999
  • Maximum GV for Silver Director Sales Pool= 39,999
  • Maximum GV for Gold Director Sales Pool= 49,999
  • Maximum GV for Platinum Director Sales Pool= 99,999

The four Executive sales pools are divided on a pro-rata basis for all the XDs who qualify for each of those pools. (For example: The XD with the highest volume in their GV levels 1 through 8 will receive the largest portion in each of the four Executive sales pools for which the XD is qualified.) 

Only 60% of the required GV for a level may be counted from any leg to qualify for titles, contests, and sales pools. (For example: Of the 2,000 GV required to reach the Manager level, an XD can use up to 1,200 GV (60% of the 2,000) from every leg in their organization.  If one leg has 1,500 in volume, 1,200 of the 1,500 will apply toward qualification. If another leg has 1,200 in volume, all of the 1,200 will apply toward qualification.)