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The Core4 Products


Xyng - Fuel 4 Life! Xyng-Xyngular-Core4-

XYNG is the newest addition in the Xyngular product line. It increases your energy and helps you be more alert and active in your life.

Lack of Energy is one of the major reasons we don't exercise enough. The basics of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is to not only eat less but move more. XYNG provides the added boost to get you through your day, with enough energy left to do the extra’s, such as exercise, that make us feel our best.

And the natural energy lifts your mood so that, even if you diet, you feel amazing! XYNG, the all-natural solution to add vitality and FUEL 4 LIFE!

Xyngular / Core4

www.xyngular.comWeight Loss and Healthy Living

The Weight Loss Center Community. Our vision is to facilitate community weight loss centers in every neighborhood. Become part of our online community as we outline the vision, craft the agenda, offer training, support and information, contribute marketing and promotional resources, and help you to cultivate successful and productive new relationships.

xyngular mlmMotivation and Self Improvement

Self improvement is cornerstones to the process. Its about building up people, creating opportunities and success stories. We are focused on action, and positive attitude reigns supreme. We seek out enthusiastic persons who are willing to learn and to share, and make available the best support and leadership available. 
  (If you don't think we're serious, read about Cheryl Ables)

The Freedom To Enjoy Your Life mlmOur focus is not on changing you, or even changing the food you eat. But rather to give you the freedom to meet your goals without changing your lifestyle. Don't believe it? Read about Core4, and pay special attention to "Cheat".
You'll love it.

We're Recruiting!

There is power and potential inside each and every person. We need everyone who is willing to improve themselves and to encourage others. Whatever your background we want to help you to leverage your successes in life to build something even greater. Use your strengths and don't run from your weaknesses. Confront them and rely on the network for help.

Order Core4 - And Become A Weight Loss Team Leader

xyngular mlmWe need people who are willing to start something. Talk to others and get them excited. Make new friendships with a common focus of building something great together. Put your best foot forward, being honest and down to earth. Establish a culture that brings out the best in people and draws on everyones skills and talents.

Build a Business and Make Money

www.xyngular.comFor those who would prefer to mix business with pleasure, Xyngular MLM, Core4 and Xyng are the foundation of a fantastic referral based business. Truthfully, we could all use a little extra motivation to stay focused on our goals. Tie your health objectives to your financial objectives and you will be amazed at the progress you can make - in both at the same time.

Marketing Support to Build Your Success

Great marketing support makes all the difference. We are implementing a complete marketing automation system that will allow you to broadcast the Core4 message with unbelievable efficiency. A community invitation system will auto-invite all of your personal contacts, direct them to your profile, and add them to your friends list when they join the community. You can schedule your meetings using our event calendar and accept RSVPs. Many other marketing and promotion tools are on the way. Stay tuned.

Join now. You won't regret it.